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When the ancient angels of Epherea returned to Earth to seek mates after theirs were killed, they had a surprise coming. They did not meet anyone docile and tame but went head to head with the fiery females of Earth the Greeks called Amazons. The Epherean thought the women might be too spicy to handle until an old foe of the Ephereans, a menacing and evil Darkling, sets out with one thing on its' alien brain, to kill them all. Now they must find a way to band together or die.


“The angels saw the daughters of men were fair and took wives of all that they chose,”
– Genesis 6:2

“Good women…if we were timid we would not have come to the stars with the ‘angels’. Did you think such splendor had no price? That it was all free? Life is not free. Freedom is earned. Let us earn it.” - Queen Glauke

Future meets past and past becomes future as Earth legends spring to life and return to the Blue Planet that we call ‘Earth’. It is 1190 BC on Earth and the legendary women warrior tribes around the Mediterranean, called ‘Amazons’ by the Greeks, meet four groups of Ephereans from across the galaxy; the angel-like Cherubim, the magical Griffin-like Genii, the brilliant engineering Nephilim giants, and the wise Anaki reptilian beings called ‘Epistemon’. These aliens have come to find mates, but why? And why will only the Earth women do?

Epiphany, Epi to her friends, was unusual and life had challenged her severely. Now the young archer woman from Earth, a Seer and a Truth Empath, was tested further as a lighted ship arrived from the stars. She did not run from it for she had foreseen this was the chance for her and her twin sister to have a better life. Still, though the angel-like beings that arrived on a glowing ship were glorious, the other beings with them were quite strange. On the other hand, leaving the war-torn Earth was the women’s one hope to survive the invading armies. The choice was made clearer as the enemy began to approach her people. So, going with the aliens was a golden opportunity. However, she knew it came with a price. A price she would have to pay. Now she wondered if she could talk her Azzi queens and women into going with the aliens.

Zu-gal, the brilliant young Cherubim commander, was guided to Earth by his Griffin Genii Seer and Empath, Hermes. He told Zu-gal that their hope to survive lay on this planet. He had come in an interstellar ship with his Cherubim, the Genii, the Nephilim and the Anaki, and collectively called themselves ‘Ephereans’. Their solar system had been destroyed as had all their females. Now it was urgent they found mates or they would die, for their unique physiology demanded this union.
Hermes had foreseen that Epiphany was the key to their people coming together. This was the one chance for all of them to survive. But he had not expected to fall in love with an Earthling, the trouble was so had their commander Zu-gal. Tougher yet, he wondered if even his magic could get the other Ephereans past their prejudices against the Earthling women, though this was their only way to survive. Worse, he must get them to realize a Darkling was on board, an evil entity that influenced and controlled the unwary. It would be hard because most of the others believed the entity was mythical. It was real. It was also quite deadly.

Epi, Hermes and Zu-gal realized they must move quickly. They had to find a way for both their people to look past their differences and give each other a fair chance. Otherwise, it would be too late for any of them to survive.


“Funny looking creatures overall those Earthlings, but they are spicy, and I do so like spicy.” - General Nartall.

Four groups of Ephereans; the angel-like Cherubim, the giant Nephilim, the wise reptilian Anaki, and the magical griffin-like Genii from across the galaxy, venture on with the spicy Azzi Amazon women and other groups of Earth women who decided to join them. They traveled in the enormous moon-shaped interstellar ship, the Astraea I, and her Earth women continued to clash both painfully and humorously with the aliens as they looked for a new planet to inhabit.

Epiphany, Epi to her friends, the Amazon archer from Earth, drove the serious Cherubim commander, Zu-gal, crazy with her brash schemes. She jumped in to lend a hand when they found a damaged ship in space full of small, green, fuzzy-headed aliens with delightful charm and charisma. They were also deftly light-fingered. Zu-gal had to work hard to keep an eye on them, all the while confounded by Epi’s wild behavior when he met her for a date.

Tensions ran high as personal and legal troubles embroiled Epi, Hermes and Zu-gal in a bitter romantic triangle, for unbeknownst to Zu-gal, Hermes had dated her first. Tempers flared higher yet as Ethlos (Epi’s sister), and Arkeo, (Zu-gal’s brother), were forced apart by the strict Epherean Laws.

Then the security enhanced borders of the galaxy are breached and a bigger threat emerges. The Vermin. A deadly force of brutal killers. Zu-gal had to keep a sharp eye out for the assassins, and all the space channels have warned travelers that the unknown assassins could mask their entire ship and sported powerful weapons.

Epi sensed the dangerous enemy near them in space and realized she had to learn to use all her empathic and foresighted abilities if she was to help save their people from these killers. She must also face her deepest fears and risk death itself to save a friendship.

Hermes had to painfully put his personal desires aside as his past was brought to light, a past put upon him by an old council. He wondered if he could control his raging physical feelings or if he must leave to keep from destroying them all with his explosive Genii anger.

As the enemy appeared and death was imminent, the Ephereans old ally appears. It is General Nartall, former hero of the Galactic Wars, but one who had turned pirate. To Zu-gal’s dismay, he had a big grudge, and the grudge was against the Cherubim. Added to his woes, Epi warned him about an Darkling apprentice on board. And this time there was no doubt.


Just when the Ephereans and Earth women thought they were rid of their enemy, the Vermin, a new rift in the galaxy appeared. But the Griffin Genii, Hermes and former Azzi archer, Epi are only shaken out of their love nest when Hermes’ old flame, Magna, suddenly appears on the scene.

The beautiful female Genii had come to call him back to the Galactic Order. Magna needed him as an expert tracker to help find the other Vermin ship that come out of the rift.

Another desperate call for help came telepathically from Queen Antianara on Earth to Glauke aboard the Epherean ship. A former Azzi Queen herself, Glauke was torn between staying with Zu-gal, whom she loves, and continuing to be a Guardian for the women on the Astraea, or doing her duty as an Azzi Queen for those back on Earth.

When another Vermin ship came on the scene, death seemed to lurk around every star and planet. The Galactic Council called the Galactic Order and called in all their Guardians. The holes punched in the fabric of space had to be mended to keep the galaxy from getting shredded apart.

To all my readers:
Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my books. I hope you enjoy them and find that your life forces are enhanced by it. May you all walk in the Light and be truly blessed. – G. E. McCurry

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